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Live With Passion, Work on Purpose

Welcome to Alise Cortez and Associates, a management consultancy specializing in the activation of meaning and purpose.

"The key to long-term productivity fulfillment and success in today's competitive marketplace is to embrace a life-long habit of learning, inquiry, and growth that accentuates and challenges the way you think, approach life and work, and ultimately act."

Alise Cortez, PHD

Speaker and Purpose/Engagement Catalyst

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The Great Revitalization - Pre-Order Now!

Life and work continue to evolve, and so must your leadership. Thriving in today’s business environment requires conscious, inspirational leadership, a fresh understanding of the world we find ourselves in, and a whole new playbook anchored in meaning and purpose. You need a set of strategies and applications that enable you to create an experience in your organization where your people give their best, feel fulfilled in their work and relationships, can work toward realizing their potential, and will persevere alongside you in service of the company’s mission.

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Coloring Life: How Loss Invites Us to Live More Vibrant Lives - Pre-Order Now!

You've lost someone you love…or maybe you're about to. Your whole life is changing, possibly turning upside down. How do you make sense of it? How do you get through the pain? This author shares her journey through her parental loss in the hope that you will find solace and enlightenment.  Death is a great teacher. Losing the ones we love the most can inspire us to treasure our relationships, expand our consciousness and live more fully.

Passionately ART.jpg

Passionately Striving in 'Why'

Living your purpose takes some real effort and is not for the faint of heart. It requires listening for that delicate whisper and heeding the urgent inner calling that directs you, often in the most inconvenient directions. Passionately Striving in Why is a triumphant collection of contributions from 25 women from around the world.

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Purpose Ignited

Transform your life, work and organization with a 7-point philosophy of work to inspire yourself and your people from the inside out. This book was written to turn you ON – to ignite you from the core of your being! The contents are designed to vitally inspire you to cultivate meaning, passion, and purpose in the everyday moments, unleashing the very best version of you, every day. And then, you will be compelled to bring it – and bring it strong - to everything you do to make the contribution worthy of your one, precious life. 

Launching Soon

The Gallup Organization Report


World's Employees are Engaged


World Employees are Actively Disengaged


Shift to have more of your workforce being engaged

The Gallup Organization 2022 State of the Global Workforce report indicates that only 33% of the world’s employees are engaged in their work. What a waste of potential when you consider that businesses in the top quartile of Gallup’s database are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those at the bottom quartile. Consider the profound impact for your organization when Alise Cortez and Associates help shift to 60% or more of your workforce being engaged. Organizations that cultivate an environment that fosters meaning and purpose within individual employees and facilitates connection with the organization’s mission register high levels of productivity and innovation. 

Our Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values

Our purpose: To elevate the culture and leadership of companies to unleash passion and purpose, develop inspirational leaders who steward people to their greatness, and do business through consciousness and “beauty” while delivering operational results that delight stakeholders. 

Our mission: Working with forward-reaching organizations through programs and consulting, we develop conscious, inspirational leaders and enable them to transform their organizations into high functioning, profitable enterprises by activating meaning and purpose to create vibrant, nurturing cultures that produce high performance, commitment, and innovation.  

Our vision: We live in a world where business, the most adept, catalyzing engine, champions a better, more enlightened world by consciously elevating all its stakeholders; and where people are deeply fulfilled at work, realize the best versions of themselves through the nurturing stewardship of their leaders in doing so, and are vitally inspired and dedicated to produce great work and quality innovation that creates a better world for us all. 

Values: beautiful business, consciousness, conscious capitalism, empowerment, experiential learning, growth, higher business, individuation, mindfulness, passion, potential, purpose + profit, self-realization, social impact, experiential learning, mindfulness, passion, profit + purpose, sustainability.

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