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Philanthropy …. An essential part of well-being.

Purpose is available to anyone, anywhere – and we desperately need its lived expression to create the world we all want to live in. Purpose on Fire is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Alise Cortez serving newly ignited purpose aspirants to catalyze their expression through education and coaching into a viable personal or professional offering in the marketplace.

The genesis of Purpose on Fire came when Alise was out speaking to audiences on the importance of living with passion and working with purpose. Repeatedly, she began to witness some participants literally “catch fire” with inspiration as they connected with her message.  After a few interactions with audience participants who heard her message and proclaimed how excited they were about the possibilities of living their purpose and how doing so would radically improve their lives, she knew they would need some help to make their dream come true.

And that’s where Purpose on Fire comes in. Alise is keenly aware that when people hear an inspiring and empowering message like she aims to give, they go home exuberant and dive into making the purpose live across their lives. But then…. Life takes over. Friends and colleagues tell them they need to “stay practical” or that their idea will never work.  And our personal favorite: “how will you ever make money at that?”  They run out of juice as the sheer momentum of life literally pulls them down. And soon, that preciously, newly ignited flame is snuffed out. Purpose on Fire stands to draw on its members and associates to provide ongoing coaching, support, training, and ideas to monetize the purpose or offering, and help clients launch their purpose into reality. 

The positive ripple effect that cascades when one person discovers and works from their purpose is incredibly powerful. Here’s how it works:

  1. The individual rises to a higher version of herself/himself and enjoys better well-being, energy, and satisfaction in life;

  2. This fulfillment cascades to the individual’s family, who gets the company and example of a happy human being;

  3. Invariably the community wins as the fulfilled person feels compelled to “give back” and rise up the tide for those in his or her surroundings;

  4. The company who employees this person absolutely wins because employees working with meaning and purpose engage their talents more fully, persist through challenges and are resilient through organizational change, and are committed to stay;

  5. The country wins as more of its citizens increase their meaningful connection to their work and GDP (gross domestic product), social stability, and higher living standards is carried upward by the surge in productivity.


When you donate to Purpose on Fire, a 501c3 organization, your contribution is tax-deductible and goes toward programs and coaching services that help our clients come alive and live and work from purpose. It’s the gift that grants the vital expression of purpose – making the highest and best contribution that betters the world.

Join us for our inaugural Light Your Fire evening of celebration and fundraising in Fall 2021. Why, of course, we’ll be at Times Ten Cellars! Contact Alise for information and tickets.

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